Litmus Test: Do You Look Good Doing It?

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DC Comics

“Honey, do we have someplace we keep towels?” My husband holds a stack of clean, neatly folded towels that I had left on a chair; the chair upon which he plans to sit. This, as far as I can tell, is the only reason he picked up the towels and began looking for another place to put them.

“No. We have no place for towels. In the nine months we’ve lived here, I’ve never figured out where to put them.”

“Oh,” my husband says helpfully, “how about in here?” He opens a cupboard door in the hall—actually the linen closet—and stares at several shelves of folded towels, washcloths and sheet sets.

“Oh,” he says crestfallen. “You’re being sarcastic.” Read more

“In and Out of Love”

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Keep falling in and out of love
In search for what I’m dreaming of…
sing Diana Ross and the Supremes

The older I get the more often I find wisdom in song lyrics, and because I’m looking at 60, I find them on the oldies station. But I’m actually writing about being married.

My husband and I have been together now for more than twenty years. I am his third wife, and he is my first husband. We lived together for three years before we wed and were middle-aged (he was 51 and I was 40). We are very well-suited to each other and are deeply married. That being said, I find marriage peculiar. Read more

Spring Awakenings

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Mother Nature and Father Time come together to provide May’s theme: reinvention. This week, our Fifty is the new… contributors reflect on spring’s inspiration, blooming late, starting fresh and trying to make sense of it all. Read the posts below.

Dear America

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Photo by Autumn Leaf

Dear America,

We are well into spring, and Los Angeles once again has us gasping at the beautiful, painfully purple surprise of May’s unexpected streets lined with blooming Jacaranda trees. And, now that I’ve had some time to stretch into the season, I’d like to suggest that we mimic spring while we can, with the following tips:

Let’s imitate the peeper frogs that head to newly created pools to breed, catch bugs and avoid predators. It’s easy! All we need to do is make love; work to silence the buzzing voices that clamor for prolonged conflict; and avoid predator politicians who lie their way to war. Read more

New and Improved!

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Apollo sunrise
I’ve been doing some poking around about this midlife reinvention thing.

My research reveals that reinvention is big! I’ve learned that you need not have stage freight for life’s second act; reinvention coaches are waiting in the wings. Boot camps, conventions, websites, books and CDs—it’s a baby boomer bonanza. Read more

Green-Eyed Blonde

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Greek Women Weaving, c.550 BC, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I’m trying to find a thread to pick up and sew into the fabric of my life. I want to weave a thicker, stronger cloth—one that will protect me and keep out the night chills. There’s no going back to the beginning, no way to alter the experiences and the mistakes. Only the urge to try and discover a truth about myself that incessant searching has blurred. Two marriages, one child and inexplicable deep friendships with those I have met over my long romp of a life provide clues, but the pattern in this imaginary cloth appears to be missing. Read more

Long Live the Late Bloomers

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Photo by M.A. Howden

I’ve been entertaining the possibility that I am a late bloomer. Lacking the list of the accomplishments I thought I might’ve had by now—articles published, peace accords brokered, one-woman shows—I Google others and think, while reading a long list of their worldly accomplishments, that I’ve frittered away time. Not that I’ve exactly been flapping in my own breeze, I’ve earned two advanced degrees, seen much of the world and contributed my talents to a number of efforts important to me, hopefully also for the betterment of my community and the globe. Read more

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