What Keeps You Young?

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Haitian artist, name unknown

From workplace whippersnappers and brooding teenagers, to hot flashes and newfound relationships with gravity—we all have our midlife challenges, and yet everyone we’ve surveyed wouldn’t trade their midlife mind for a 19-year-old body.

The Fifty is the new… authors are all very much young at heart, so we asked them to briefly contemplate: What keeps you young—in body, mind or spirit? Here’s what they had to say: Read more

Older Models In Demand

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The Los Angeles Times recently published an article about a new trend in the fashion world: a booming demand for older models—meaning 35 and older—for magazine spreads, and advertisers looking to reel in the aging boomer population. That’s us, folks.

The market for these older fashion goddesses is so hot that a former supermodel just endowed with a graduate degree in psychology decided to put off practicing psychotherapy in favor of the ever-so-fulfilling art of auditioning. Talk about going backwards. But, that’s just me being judgmental. The money’s probably a lot better, if you can get it. Plus, I think it’s a fine idea. “After all,” the author of the piece says, “what middle-aged woman wants to buy moisturizer from a model who’s too young to order a martini?” Indeed. Read more

A Killer and the Bee

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Portrait of Prudence by her son Casey

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, you go bicycle riding with the family you have, not the family you want or wish to have at a later time.

For one thing, there is no later time. Having children at ages 38 and 40 IS later.

And for another…well, there is no other. Options are limited when you debut a husband, two infants and a mortgage early in the second act of your life. Read more

Dog Cat Rat – How About That!

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Photo by Cathy R Fischer

Photo by Cathy R Fischer

Strolling on the main drag in Santa Barbara, I came across this surprising sight: dog, cat, rat — in peaceful slumber. Luckily I had my camera; who would have believed it?

Add your photo caption or comment …
Read more

Nip and Tuck, What the…

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Nip and Tuck, What the… (insert rhyming word here)??

In an effort to be open, I’ve conducted an unofficial survey amongst others of my kind: middle-income, middle-aged Boomers, both men and women, on the subject of discretionary cosmetic surgery. Interestingly, I seem to hold a minority opinion (I’m agin’ it), and the subject is fraught. If I come out and say how I really feel, I risk being accused of being judgmental. If I don’t say how I REALLY feel; well…then I’m just mental. Read more

Father’s Day Musings

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My father is a very eccentric guy. At 84, he wears a ponytail, is extremely engaged in what might be termed “new-age” thinking, and he long ago gave up meat, alcohol and other favorite things as part of his personal spiritual quest. When my father develops an opinion on something, it’s because he’s spent long hours debating the thing with his intelligent, intellectually stimulated and very sharp mind; so, even though he loves long discussions on controversial positions, it’s easier to relocate the Grand Canyon than getting him to change his mind. Read more

Team Dad

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Photo by Z.E.Elton

The summer I turned six my mother packed my younger brother and me into the car for a road trip. Just before we left I remember sitting in the backseat of the Karmann Ghia at 732 Jefferson (I’d learned our address in kindergarten.) From my vantage point I could only see my father from the waist down. From the front seat my mother would say something to my father. Then he’d walk back into the house and return with some item, which he handed through the window. As I remember, this went on several times with me watching his long legs go to and from the house. On the last trip he returned and handed the iron to my mother. And then we left. My father is a six foot five, so even as we drove down the street I could not see his face just his legs. Read more

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