Notes From the Road: Singing Out the Vote in Ohio

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Three-year-old Dakota in Marietta, Ohio. Photo by M.A. Howden

Three-year-old Dakota in Marietta, Ohio. Photo by M.A. Howden

Yes We Can, Yes We Can, Yes We Can…
I love this country
I love these people
Little red brick houses
Little white church steeple

I love my papa
I love my mama
That’s why I’m voting Barack Obama

—Laura Love

As this posts I am just finishing (as tour manager) a nine-city, 11-day tour of Ohio to get out the vote—a traveling, singing, organizing road show with 20 different musicians, all on our own dime, for Sing Out the Vote Ohio: A Suite for Change, created by my longtime friend and social change visionary, Holly Near.

From Toledo to Cleveland to Akron and Kent, Columbus, Athens, Marietta, Cincinnati and Dayton, the good people of Ohio are showing up. They are exhausted yet ceaseless in their efforts to change the face of this election with the eyes of the world upon them. Read more

What Not to Wear

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I was standing in the grocery store line the other day perusing magazine headlines: “Madonna Gives Birth to Satan’s Love Child,” “Brad and Angelina Adopt Cat,” “Bulimic Brittany Barfs Barrels—Spagos Diners Disgusted,” when something so mind-boggling, so shocking caught my eye, I gasped.  Glamour magazine’s cover page, in all its glossy glory headlined, “What to Wear at 20, 30, 40, to be Your Sexy Best.”  I was aghast.  All I could think of was when did it happen?  When did I fall off the fashion radar?  What about MEEEEE?????

It hadn’t occurred to me that I would be facing this dilemma so soon.  I’m standing at the crossroads of Juicy Couture and Talbot’s.  I’m pretty clear that at my age wearing the word “JUICY” on my ass is just false advertising, but I’m also not ready for the muumuus and leisure wear that I see in the next department, and I sure as hell don’t want to look like a Republican, all coiffed and suited up so tight I squeak. Read more

What Midlife Crisis?

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What constitutes a bona fide, howling, 3-D midlife crisis? For men, it’s become a cliché:

1)  Buy a convertible sports car

2)  Begin harboring evil thoughts about your wife

3)  Have an affair with someone 20 years your junior

But, what about us?  What are the signs of a woman on the verge?  We are too complex to fall into easily categorized behavior patterns (of course).   First, we don’t need to wait for the midlife point, which, thanks to increasing life spans, now begins neatly at fifty.  Secondly, we can have several midlife crises if we feel like it.  I think I had my first at age 43.  Read more


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The trees are changing colours in the upper Midwest.  Fall is here (or Autumn as I like to say) and I find myself without the usual melancholia that heralds this dramatic seasonal shift.   This year I feel an excitement and anticipation in the air that has perked me right up.  Could it be love? No, I do not have a new man in my life, but it feels a lot like falling head over Manolos.

How is this feeling possible?  Wars are endless, American politics have never been more desperate and a worldwide financial crisis threatens, but I have fallen in love with possibilities and my view of the world matches the vibrant colors of the season.  I am lit up like a maple at the prospects of what can happen over the next few months. Read more

Breast Cancer: My Big Pink Protest

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The White House pinked

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you probably are well aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. With one out of every eight women in America diagnosed with the disease, either you or at least one friend or relative you know has had it.  I became “aware” of my breast cancer on May 23, this year. It was the day my life changed.

Most of my friends and family know, but I haven’t wanted to blog about it. I really don’t want to be the poster child. When my friend Ilana sent an email with the subject line that said, “Free Yoga Classes for Cancer Survivors,” I thought, why is she sending that to me? Oh yeah, right.  Read more

The Other Sandwich Generation

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Adult children with the responsibility for care of both their own children and their elderly parents. (Definition of “sandwich generation” from Webster’s Dictionary)

Forget that stuff about diapering babies and elderly parents at the same time. Been there. Done that. Glad it’s over.

This blog is about the other sandwich generation years—when a giant, day-glo CLOSED sign hangs on one’s baby-making machinery. The years when a woman’s value is not measured by her potential to make babies, but instead by her potential to make sandwiches—lots of them.

Let me be the first to say that I never thought it would come to this.  Read more

Re-ignited and it Feels so Good

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“A man has to be Joe McCarthy to be called ruthless.
All a woman has to do is put you on hold.”
—Marlo Thomas

Hilarious.  I’m laughing so hard I think I’m gonna puke.

A friend recently commented to me that my renewed, reborn feminism was making me seem hard and angry and edgy, that in my speaking passionately—without compromise—I just wasn’t coming across as soft.  This friend is a woman.  She thinks I need to get laid.  Of course I need to get laid.  Who doesn’t?   Read more

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