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Photo by Pascal Giacomini

Can I just bitch for a moment about getting old? I know, I know, there are people starving in America, and I should just be grateful for my wonderful life. And, I am. But let’s face it. Regardless of bombs going off in the world and in the lives of people you love, if a missile has landed in your little universe, you can’t just wish it away. Pettiness and substance often occupy the same space. Life is like that. Okay, disclaimer taken care of. Now can I bitch?

I’ve written on this site before about going gray, and I thought I had a pretty good game plan in place: because it blends so well, start with platinum blonde around the crown, where it’s coming in at a speed rivaling the action in Charlie Chaplin movies; and, that’s been working very well. Until now. Who knew that my nice, soft curls would morph into coarse, wiry pubic hair? Gray pubic hair at that! Read more

I’m a Believer

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Photo by M.A. Howden

Photo by M.A. Howden

Believing is in vogue again—with all this hope and change in the air.

My mother would have called me a “Pollyanna” and believe me, coming from her that would not have been a compliment. She had a bit of the cynic, which is not the same but somewhat related to a bit of the croup.

I am an equal opportunity Believer.

I’m the kind who believes that if the traffic is slow, I am being protected from an accident up ahead.  I believe in the light of the sun and the glow of the moon. The nature of things comforts me.

I believe there are truth tellers and there are liars, and if I pay attention I will always know the difference.  Read more

That Was So Much Fun, Let’s Do It Again

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Ten Years After album cover (1972) "Rock & Roll Music to the World"

Ten Years After album cover (1972) "Rock & Roll Music to the World"

I recently joined Facebook at the urging of two friends. I am quite bemused by this social network, and the comments people post: E wants to know if B is awake, M has changed his profile photo, B confirms he is awake but that it’s not the world’s business. I have ceased striving to find meaning.

Recently former colleagues from Chrysalis Artists/Records/ Music have found me on Facebook. There’s a 40th reunion in the planning stages. We are trying to meet up sometime this year before we are all too gaga to remember why.

I joined Chrysalis when Swinging London was in full swing, although how a shy girl from the industrial Midlands came to be part of a white-hot music scene is still a bit of a mystery to me. Read more

5 Reasons to Love White House-dot-Gov

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My day job as a web content producer makes it natural, almost compulsory, for me to critique the new White House website.  While the site is not perfect, it’s a major improvement from its earlier incarnation which screamed bad design, stodginess and a “we could care less” attitude.

President Obama has been experiencing some rough speed bumps lately and pundits are saying the honeymoon is over, but not for me. Here are five reasons why I’m feelin’ the luv at White House-dot-Gov.

1)  Not just pixels, but people

The site launched on inauguration day; how did they pull it together so quickly? The stark contrast of “before and after” reminds me of the difference between McCain not using email and Obama holding on to his Blackberry for dear life.

The voice and intention behind the website is clear. A letter from the Director of New Media, Macon Phillips, lays it all out, “The White House’s new website…will serve as a place for the President and his administration to connect with the rest of the nation and the world.” Read more

Fifty is the New… Barbie!

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Yes, that impossibly long-legged perky gal turns 50 in March.  Love her or hate her she has, like us, changed with the times and stood the test of time too. I know everyone has a Barbie opinion so let’s have ‘em. Oh, and don’t forget Ken.

Valentine Schmalentine

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Saint Valentine of Terni oversees the construction of his basilica, 14th century

Saint Valentine of Terni oversees the construction of his basilica, 14th century

Who was St. Valentine anyway, and why do we offer him our vulnerable, beating hearts, waiting breathlessly for chocolates, roses, poetry, chocolates, a card, maybe a nice dinner out?   Did I mention chocolates, “HONEY????”  And what’s up with the red satin teddy?  Why is my having to wear a red satin teddy the payoff for him remembering to buy me a card, huh?  But, I reveal too much about my marriage….

The origin of St. Valentine, and how many there actually were, remains a mystery.  If you go to Catholic Online and browse saints and angels, at least 10 St. Valentines crop up along with, “Looking for a patron saint? Find exactly what you want today!”  And “50 percent off saint medals and prayer ringtones.”  Whichever Valentinus you choose, he really did exist, because archeologists dug up a Roman catacomb and discovered an ancient church dedicated to St. Valentine.  So, here’s the story… Read more

Change? Yes, Please.

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Pile of coins

Yes, thank you.  I would like some change.

I’d like to get some change back for all over payments to banks—aka credit card companies—that have for decades used the flimsiest excuses to raise seductive introductory interest rates to loan shark levels that can never be repaid if you’re an average Jane.  Something tells me they’re about to get their comeuppance in much grander terms than mere coins…

I would also like some change from overpriced restaurants that do offer the pleasure of a night out without having to wash dishes, but can in no way justify charging $15.00 for a hamburger plus $6.50 for valet parking.  Trust me, I don’t often patronize these joints, but when you live in Los Angeles, it’s a safe bet you’ll end up in one without realizing how you got there.  And while I’m on the subject, Read more

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