Sweet Revenge

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Christie Healey shares a holiday pick about a musician who turned a bad experience into a very popular video.

Dave Carroll adds new meaning to “sweet revenge”. This may not be everyone’s idea of an inspiring holiday video link, but it is mine, and I hope it makes you smile and sing along.

United Airlines broke Dave’s custom Taylor guitar and were not really sorry about it. During Dave’s final exchange with United Customer Relations, he said he had no alternative but to create a music video and post it on YouTube. The manager responded “Good Luck with that one pal.” After the video received almost 6 million hits and was featured on CNN, United contacted Dave and attempted settlement in exchange for pulling the video. And his response? “Good Luck with that one pal.”

A little bah humbug, but a lot of giggles too. A big Happy Holidays to all.


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Melissa Howden shares a special treat for the “word nerd” in all of us.

I am a fan o’ words, an alphabet lover as my friend Lori b has named herself.

I love the history, the roots, the story of words. In my etymological meandering through cyberspace I found http://podictionary.com/

Podictionary puts a word root in your in-box everyday. While I receive my word root in text form the word root can also be heard as an audio word through a daily podcast (subscribe through iTunes). This is a site for word lovers. Charles Hodgson, the brains behind Podictionary, is clever, conversational, informational and contemporary. Take for instance the recent exploration of the word Nike, which, looks to the Greek Goddess of the same name and explores how she came to be more known as a shoe! Taking your etymological trivia and history a bit further, iPhone now has a Podictionary application, which can bring you a month’s worth of episodes for $1.99. Given the history of Podictionary there are 1000 episodes to choose from. I found my daily word habit came in quite handy over a Thanksgiving weekend game of Scrabble!

When You’re Smiling

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Cathy Fischer shares a music video unlike anything you’ll ever see on MTV.

Meet The Zimmers, a group from the UK with the oldest members of any band in the world. The youngest member is 71 and the oldest 102. They take their name from the Zimmer frame (the British name for a walker). The group records with top producers who work with U2 and David Bowie, among others.

“When You’re Smiling” is a music video that speaks to the young and the old and certainly the young at heart. Jack Beers and Grace Cook wander around their native New York and London and Stalley, the rapper, contributes respect-filled beats and rhymes.

This one warms my heart, especially on this cold winter day. Enjoy!


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The Evolution of Beauty

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Prudence Baird shares an eye-opening video and her thoughts on beauty and aging.

How would your life have been different if you had seen this time-lapse video on the cusp of your own womanhood?

What if, as a young girl of 13 or 14, you had witnessed the impossibility of being that perfect face on the billboard? Would you still have lain in the sun to get that Bain de Soleil tan? Or, turned your legs (and Mom’s white sheets) orange with “QT” (aka Quick Tan)? Or stripped your hair with the spray-on Sun In, trying to look like those Nordic blondes in the commercials?

Would you have starved yourself to look like Twiggy or stretched your Dippity-Do gelled hair over soup cans to have Cheryl Tiegs’ smooth, waspy locks?

Me, I don’t think I’d have done anything different…I think I still would have broiled in the sun and sacrificed my personal development in order to please friends and boyfriends. I hope that I wouldn’t have, but as the philosopher Ouspensky said, “If it could have happened any other way, it would have.”

And, after all, what would be the point of being young if you listen to your parents’ wisdom and learn from their mistakes?

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