Obama Thus Far

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With more than two years to go, Carine Fabius takes a compassionate look at the president today

I’d rather be in Stalinist Russia, drinking human blood at Satan’s ball than be in Obama’s shoes. It’s been a year and a half since he inherited an America that is only turned on by extremes, sensationalism and exaggeration, along with a people crippled by fear and impatience. Even I, one of his most ardent fans, found myself screaming at the radio during his Oval Office address on the oil spill.

“Say it!” I shouted, “Say it!” I wanted a bold retraction of his previously announced (and obviously dunderheaded) plan to open some offshore waters to oil drilling. I was so disappointed. And then the next day, I heard someone on NPR saying that Obama’s six-month moratorium on deep water drilling was affecting some 50,000 people’s jobs in the already devastated Gulf. Pass the blood, please. Read more

Enough with the Platitudinous Drivel

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Triggered by her son’s question, Prudence unleashes a rant for our times

“Mom, is it true things happen for a reason?” Casey’s green eyes fringed by impossibly curly brown lashes widened with anticipation at the possible confirmation that some benevolent force is at work that can explain why bad things happen to good people.

“Who the fuck said that?” I snapped. Okay, I didn’t really say fuck, but I wanted to.

This pithy, saccharine saw lodges in my ears like the stinking turd of stupidspeak that it is. And whenever someone says it, whether the person is my friend or not, I cannot suppress my outrage that anyone dare to explain away the immoral, indecent, unfair and—in many cases—avoidable crap that rains down on perfectly lovely people and takes their lives, their health, their finances and even their children in directions that should only be reserved for those whose full names end in Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz or Rove. Read more

What We’re Groovin’ On

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The Chama River

Hot fun! With summer just around the corner, here’s what we’re groovin’ on.

Having spent much of a very long winter holed up with a cast on my arm, I am reveling in the out of doors. I just returned from a 3-day trip on the Chama River in Georgia O’Keefe country and plan more river time in the next month. This week I am going to hike to a mountain lake high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

Walking, weeding, outdoor concerts and visits to the Farmer’s Market make up my chief summer grooves. Also outdoor dining, morning coffee under the apple tree, Martha’s homemade goat cheese and the most special of all, the return of the hummingbirds!

In two words, “rediscovering classics.” Believe me, they’re better the second time around! Jane Eyre, The House of Mirth and The Picture of Dorian Gray read by acclaimed actors and downloaded to my iPod, transport me far away from mundane, everyday tasks that miraculously get done as I hang with Jane, Lily and Dorian. And the best part—these books are online and free to download at Netlibrary.com, as well as many other free book collections available through your local library! Read more

Spring Cleaning

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Planting, cleaning, renewing and redoing, Connie Stetson’s got the fever only spring can bring

I have spent my Memorial Day weekend outside, in my garden, working like a sod farmer, weeding, mulching and feeding, because at long last it isn’t pouring down rain. I’m not complaining, mind you, I was born in Seattle, so extended periods of drizzles, drips and downpours are in my DNA. Also, I have lived in central California long enough to know that any moisture is good for the skin — HELLO, this is raisin country…‘nuf said. I have also today planted my tomatoes, peppers, herbs and flowers, got the fountain going and put up my hummingbird feeders. It’s really green, lush and pretty here right now, and I feel busy and happy.

In other spring cleaning news, the “Frock Swap” is coming next month, a fundraiser for our local yoga studio, Downtown Yoga. A great place for yoga, Pilates, and, oh—by the way, Acting 101, taught by my own little self. I love the Frock Swap, it’s an opportunity to cull my closets and drawers of gently used, badly bought items—clothing, shoes and bags—and send them out into the universe for re-sell; it makes me feel less ashamed for buying impulsively. The last Frock Swap bought the studio its outdoor sign. It’s also fun to see my poorly thought out buys strolling down the street fresh and new, looking much, much better on someone else. Read more