Smart and Hot

February 16, 2011, by Cathy Fischer

Cathy finds a beautiful day in the bay, sunny, cloudy and confusing

There’s a new girl in town: a new weather girl. Yes, they still use that term. Even though she’s a full-grown woman and an ordained meteorologist, she’s the new Bay Area “girl” and she’s H-O-T.

Meet Christina Loren, Today in the Bay’s morning cup of sexy; and boy does she pour it on. Case in point: see screenshot above. While she’s got a rockin’ bod (if you’re into the Barbie look), she’s actually got brains too and a fun on-air personality, but what she’s selling isn’t what’s behind her botoxed forehead or what’s coming from her bee stung lips; she’s selling what sells, S-E-X.

Loren wears short dresses and tops that are so tight I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t single-handedly keeping Lycra in business. This bombshell likes to accentuate her “assets” all right: buttons on nipples? Really? (Talk about high beams!)

The NBC station affiliate isn’t missing a beat; there’s an ad campaign in full swing. Numerous bus shelters and billboards show Loren perfectly coiffed and glossed, seated with a deep blue sky and white fluffy clouds behind her, “It’s always a beautiful day in the Bay.” No, I don’t think they’re referring to the weather.

Frankly, I can’t remember who was doing the weather before Loren breezed in; I think it may have been a man. The regular morning news anchors are a married couple that recently had triplets, so now anchor Laura Garcia-Cannon is perceived as a mom, in other words, no longer hot.

Based on Loren’s look and posture, I wondered if she was a graduate from a spokesmodel academy, but after a bit of research I found that she holds a B.A. in Economics and minored in Communications. She started out as a traffic anchor (note: they don’t use the word “girl” in this context) then extended her repertoire with some grad work and a three-year certification program to become a meteorologist.

When Loren left traffic reporting in South Florida for her new California gig, there were comments about her departure. Here are two examples, from both the male and female perspective:

Wow… *speechless* she likes to dress sexy. I felt like I was watching a Forever 21 ad instead of a weathercast. I really have no words. She has a nice presence on air — so I don’t understand why she dresses so “trendy”.

Really going to miss her perky attitude and her implants. Perfect for South Florida in the AM. Hopefully they’ll get someone just as perky but with bigger implants.

Sigh. Christina Loren is a grown-up example of what historian and author Stephanie Coontz calls the new feminine mystique — the “hottie mystique”. She describes it as the idea that “young women have to not only achieve in ways never expected…but to compensate for that achievement they must show that they are completely hot, sexual and desirable.” When I heard Coontz talk about this on Fresh Air, I thought, yes, that’s true! The stereotype of smart used to be the asexual schoolmarm and now it’s all about sizzling hotness — a head for business and a bod for sin.

I disagree with Coontz however when she says that a lot of women grow out of the “hottie mystique” phase in their teens. It’s difficult to outgrow pressure to be desirable and hot, and even if you do succeed, it can take years (or menopause).

An Indiana University study found that for male television viewers, the sexual attractiveness of female news anchors keeps them from recalling the actual content of the women’s reports. (They needed a study for that?) So if Today in the Bay is looking to boost their male ratings rather than inform viewers about what’s on the Doppler radar, then they’ve chosen well.

My local weather girl isn’t a “dumb blond” after all; she just plays one on TV and, as the philosopher of our times Paris Hilton says, “That’s hot.”

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19 Responses to “Smart and Hot”

  1. Conz Says:

    I think “Really going to miss her perky attitude and her implants” says it all. I’d love to get Gloria Steinem’s (the first hot feminist) take on this. OR–maybe they’re not implants. Maybe her brains are sooo big, they had to stuff some of ‘em in her chest.

  2. christie Says:

    Perhaps Today in the Bay should engage the services of a Schwarzenegger-type male to pop up in front of Ms. Loren and deliver any emergency alert warnings to get the boys’ attention.

  3. Carine Says:

    Great and funny post. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said they’ve chosen well. They are obviously catering to a certain male demographic and they’ve figured out how to get and keep their attention. But does this mean that men don’t care about whether it’s going to rain tomorrow or not? The whole thing is kind of maddening (the way women are expected to behave to get ahead in this man’s world) but hey, as long as women keep filling those expectations the problem is not going to go away anytime soon.

  4. Nina Says:

    Personally, I think being smart IS hot. Period.

  5. dearpru Says:

    Gawd, Cathy. Your very cleverly crafted post couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The brutal and “sustained” sexual attack on Lara Logan, aka “the hot blonde on 60 Minutes,” shows us that the world hasn’t changed all that much for women over thousands of years.

    Christine Loren and her nipple buttons are safe in front of the green screen in a society that prizes entertainment above all else. But if Christine should stray into authentic journalism territory, she would find out quickly that the real world is a far different place than the manufactured, entertainment-oriented sideshow that local TV news has become.

  6. Cathy Says:

    Ok, I didn’t really want to distract from the message that you all seem to have gotten loud and clear, so here’s a video of Ms. Loren. Scary? You decide.

  7. Brightside-Susan Says:

    I love your take on our mutual new reporter. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am bookmarking you!

  8. mellimel Says:

    She just doesn’t do it for me. Frankly I get my weather from looking out the window. Cloudy, grey and occasional showers.
    So in fact its not such a beautiful day in the Bay. If I need to objectify — Diane Sawyer is Hot. Robin Roberts kind of kicks it too.

  9. dearpru Says:

    Ewww! After seeing the video, Cathy, I think that poor little Aidan Gallagher is going to have a whole new set of nightmares starring giant raccoon-eyed Barbie dolls that come to life and smother him with their giant bahzoombahs while babbling nonsense and robbing him of his childhood.

  10. Thea Swengel Says:

    Annoying personalities on TV is a good reason to get your news online. I love my iPhone!

  11. rosemary Says:

    I’m not clear on why Christina thinks showing little Aidan computerized, infared weather patterns, taking him outside to feel raindrops and having him stand in front of a green screen (or whatever) is going to alleviate his fear of tornadoes. I may not be a meteorologist, but not all tornadoes are predictable. I hate PR stuff like this. I’m sure an astute child psychologist would take issue with the station’s handing of an anxiety-ridden kid. I think it’s going to make him a whole lot more anxious.

  12. Cathy Says:

    Yes Rosemary, I’m afraid that the young boy will be confused as well maybe even frightened of comic book women come to life. And Mel I agree those two women you mention are hot because they don’t hide their smarts and are true journalists not eye candy spokesmodel “girls”.

  13. Michelle Says:

    These comments have gone from clever to downright caddy. Does it threaten you that a woman can be both beautiful and bright? In order to have a voice in our male driven society sometimes looking good is necessary to make a difference. Times are changing and Diane Sawyer as a young journalist today would be another face in the endless sea of pretty reporters. In a line of work where the smartest and best looking women get the good jobs, are you really going to chastise the ones who are successful? Let’s not forget, women need to stick together if we ever want to truly be treated as equals in this country, the way that men do. Christina doesn’t hide her smarts. She really is sharp and funny and that is why I can relate to her. I’m glad she is now our Weather Person.

  14. Cathy Says:

    Michelle, I agree with you that we have to support women in media, but I don’t believe that a woman has to make her body the main focal point of her message, unless she’s in the body business. I find the “weather girl” persona fascinating and the new hottie mystique has got me questioning. Now it seems that in order to be successful a woman has to be smart, savvy, educated and… attractive and… overtly sexy. That really narrows the field don’t you think? I never denied that Christina is smart, and I really tried to not be snarky about it. Today for example she dressed a bit more professional, she wore a tight blouse and skirt but not too tight, not flaunting so much. We’ve got some serious weather this week, maybe she can be taken more seriously as well.

  15. Manuel Says:

    My opinion is I think she is great at what she does, can she help if she beautiful? You know all i read is comments from unhappy people who try to smear her image,be happy she has a life and loves what she does, i mean why would you want her to go around bad mouthing people like some of you do!

  16. Cathy Says:

    it’s been a while since I posted the blog about Ms. Loren, and frankly, I still think that the pressure to be hot and smart is foisted upon young women by the media and so-called celebrities such as Kim Kardashian (who happens to be a smart business woman) and the like. However, my observation is that Christina Loren has changed her attire to be a bit less Miami flash and more San Francisco sophisticated. She’s settled in, and I agree, she’s enthusiastic and good at what she does. I never said she wasn’t, my point was that she didn’t need to try to sell her body when her brains were just as hot.

  17. Danny Says:

    I like the weather and she makes it easy to see or be aware of. She comes off a smart, friendly,well packaged weather girl… She makes your mornings so mutch fun!

  18. Roxie Naranjo Says:

    Why are you hating so much on this poor girl? She found something that works for her. Instead of trying so hard to put this girl down.
    Why not try using all that energy encouraging people to see others for what they know and do, and not so much on the way they look.
    Hate gets us no where but fighting each other, and not changing the way society sees women as sex objects.

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