Six fabulous women explore topics including and not limited to: work, play, love, family, relationships, societal pressures, the media, politics, health and beauty, arts and culture, food and even shopping—whatever tickles our fancies, pisses us off, or makes us ask WTF? with the perspective of keeping it real—staying young and healthy in heart and mind.

Boomers beware! It’s time for a girlfriendly point of view from real women who are hip, smart, reflective and fun—embracing midlife with humor and grace.

Meet the Bloggerinas

Prudence Baird

Google Prudence Baird and you’ll find that she’s buried in the Routh Cemetery in Collin County, Texas. Quite shocking until you realize that entry refers to Prudence Elizabeth Baird born in 1843, and who died a mere 25 years later, poor dear. The other Prudence (Grace) Baird is not rotted, yet anyway, and is alive and well, thank God, and finally able to breathe again having just left the noxious fumes of Los Angeles for the pristine alpine air of Vermont. Her most recent accomplishment was to hang onto a book (Temple Grandin’s Thinking in Pictures) while falling on her ass on black ice. Prior to that, she most notably drove across country with a Bedlingon terrier on her lap while pretending not to notice that her two teenaged kids were killing each other in the back seat of the Subaru. Her patient husband, Tim, deserves any credit for the family having reached the Green Mountain State despite the fact that he has no sense of direction. Contact Prudence >>

Cathy Fischer

The first-born American in her small but close-knit family, Cathy was famous in elementary school for her non-traditional brown bag lunches—never a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but smoked cod? Although she did drive a limo for a time, Cathy has worked in independent film, public and cable television, marketing and new media for over twenty years and is passionate about uncommon voices, independent thinking and challenging the status quo. One of her favorite projects was World Without Oil, an alternate reality game that used the collective intelligence of the Internet to solve an imaginary oil crisis. Cathy loves film, art, nature, good books, good eats and a good laugh. Her thirst for adventure is only dampened by a fear of large bugs. Cathy, who has been known to break out with a tap routine when the spirit moves her, is single and living in the Bay Area with her housemate, Cleo the Superkitty.

Why did she start Fifty is the new…? “I’m not in denial of being a baby boomer,” she said. “I just can’t relate to the uncool packaging. That’s why I’ve enlisted my fellow bloggerinas, women who represent midlife at its best: sassy, sophisticated, stylish and smart!“ Contact Cathy >>

Carine Fabius


A native of Haiti, Carine Fabius has lived in the United States since the age of eight. She grew up in New York but it was just too, too, too cold! She moved to Miami and loved it but it just got too, too, too hot! She moved to Los Angeles in 1986, and it was just perfect. She co-owns Galerie Lakaye, a gallery of Caribbean, Latin American and ethnic art, which opened in 1990. She is also the author of three books (Mehndi, the Art of Henna Body Painting; Ceremonies for Real Life; Sex, Cheese and French Fries—Women are Perfect, Men are from France).

In addition, Carine is a jewelry designer (Ispiritus Jewelry), and a freelance curator for museums and other cultural affairs venues in Southern California. She’s sooo busy! Oh, and she is a regular blogger on HuffingtonPost.com. She and/or her gallery have been featured in Vanity Fair, and In Style magazines, Los Angeles Times, and Fine Living Network, among others. Carine has been married for 20 years to French sculptor Pascal Giacomini. They live in Hollywood, and are parents to a pit bull named Tulip, and a cat that loves dogs named Scotch. Contact Carine >>

Christie Healey


I left my native England for America in 1974; settling first in New York, then California, then back to New York, then back to California…okay, you get the picture. Minnesota is my current port of call. I have one child, a son, who shows the same disdain as his mother for staying in one place and is in Hawaii presently. After all these years, my once clipped British accent wanes and waxes with alarming frequency. To be honest, it waxes most when admired by generous, sweet-spirited Americans who constantly ask that I record their voice mail messages. I have had two husbands, both departed (not dead, just gone from me) and I am joyously, gloriously single.

My entire career has been spent in the entertainment business, starting in the UK music business in… let’s just say that Austin Powers’ movies seem like documentaries of those London years to me. I kept heading west and finally ended up in Los Angeles in the motion picture industry. I stayed for 17 years working as a business affairs executive for various Hollywood studios. In 2006 I joined the entertainment department of a law firm in Minneapolis. I am not a lawyer. (There, I’ve satisfied the truth in disclosure requirement.) Contact Christie >>

Melissa Artemis Howden


I grew up under the shadow of my father’s oft-repeated maxim, “Only fools names and faces are always seen in public places.” Though the true meaning of this saying has evaded me, it has seemed to hinder my ability for anything smacking of self-promotion. This, and a natural predilection for privacy have meant that to this point I have mostly been behind the proverbial curtain. I have spent the last 20+ years producing events and the work of individuals working for social change, at the intersection of arts politics and culture. Now as an artist/filmmaker/producer I am venturing into a more public place for the first time.

A self- proclaimed life enthusiast, unabashed feminist and lesbian, I am learning to live with my own contradictions. My friends call me “More than Martha’ because I appreciate and excel in the home arts. As a devoted yogi, and rabble-rouser, global citizen and world traveler, I have recently renovated a 100 year-old adobe house in Northern New Mexico. This seems apt since I’m also considering certain renovations of my physical self. I am usually found with my co-pilot Dot, a six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Contact Melissa >>

Connie Stetson


I am: A wife, friend, sister, homemaker, feminist, actor, producer, director, Democrat, dog and cat mom, lover of travel, good food, a good martini, a good laugh, and good company, a community activist, outdoors gal, childless by choice, an atheist, and in my late fifties. My husband Lee and I live just outside of Yosemite National Park. I am a transplanted city gal. I work as the Community Outreach Coordinator for Mountain Crisis/Valley Crisis Services, our local rape and domestic violence agencies. Contact Connie >>

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