Moving Through Water and Time

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—For Melissa, an emotional winter gives way to the surprise of new growth—

If one pays the closest attention it is possible to see the turns of the seasons in particular the arrival of Spring. Here in Northern New Mexico the seasons are showy, dramatic and distinct rituals accompany them.

I’ve been here for the last two and a half months having arrived early in February to be with my father during his time in a rehabilitation hospital as efforts were made to get him back on his feet after a particularly “killer” series of chemotherapy treatments. I’ve seen him released from the rehab hospital only to be admitted to another hospital a couple of weeks later and to hear the Doctor say “he is dying.” I’ve participated in the first meeting with the hospice doctor. I was present to hear the doctor say, “It’s true I am a hospice doctor, but I also have hospice graduates and I think its possible that a year from now you will be one of my graduates.” With this possibility held out to us we all, the whole family, became singularly focused on my father’s weight gain and his tours up and down the hall with his walker. We have gone from the place where my father’s friends came ostensibly to say goodbye, to the pleasant surprise of ongoing visits. Read more

Spring Cleaning

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Planting, cleaning, renewing and redoing, Connie Stetson’s got the fever only spring can bring

I have spent my Memorial Day weekend outside, in my garden, working like a sod farmer, weeding, mulching and feeding, because at long last it isn’t pouring down rain. I’m not complaining, mind you, I was born in Seattle, so extended periods of drizzles, drips and downpours are in my DNA. Also, I have lived in central California long enough to know that any moisture is good for the skin — HELLO, this is raisin country…‘nuf said. I have also today planted my tomatoes, peppers, herbs and flowers, got the fountain going and put up my hummingbird feeders. It’s really green, lush and pretty here right now, and I feel busy and happy.

In other spring cleaning news, the “Frock Swap” is coming next month, a fundraiser for our local yoga studio, Downtown Yoga. A great place for yoga, Pilates, and, oh—by the way, Acting 101, taught by my own little self. I love the Frock Swap, it’s an opportunity to cull my closets and drawers of gently used, badly bought items—clothing, shoes and bags—and send them out into the universe for re-sell; it makes me feel less ashamed for buying impulsively. The last Frock Swap bought the studio its outdoor sign. It’s also fun to see my poorly thought out buys strolling down the street fresh and new, looking much, much better on someone else. Read more