Gratitude for the Least Among Us

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First of all, I’m really grateful that this election is over.

Second thing is, after commiserating with a disheartened friend whose husband voted for McCain, let me say I’m really, really grateful that mine voted for Obama.  Perish the thought of having to fight about that seriously pesky issue in between wiseass comments about stray socks and dirty coffee cups in the kitchen sink.

Thirdly, and I swear this is the last thing I’ll say about this election, I’m extra grateful for no longer having to send diplomatic emails to undecided friends and relatives about why Obama was the better, more reasonable choice.  Diplomacy didn’t work; I still got called a “hater” for calling Sarah Palin dumb. Read more

Everything on a Stick

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At the ready. Republican National Convention, September 1, 2008.

September in Minnesota usually means we have had our one last howl at summer—the Minnesota State Fair—and we are becoming a little morose at the promise of winter. This year though, we have the Republican National Convention to prolong our collective noisemaking, some howling and some cheering. I will be among the howlers.

For the uninitiated I should explain that the Minnesota State Fair is essentially an edible experience that hopefully does not lead to gastronomic bypass surgery. Eating at the fair is the most physically daring feat we can do: our version of polar bear hugging. Fair food is deep-fried, battered and deep-fried, or battered and deep-fried, then fixed on a stick. Read more

Father’s Day Musings

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My father is a very eccentric guy. At 84, he wears a ponytail, is extremely engaged in what might be termed “new-age” thinking, and he long ago gave up meat, alcohol and other favorite things as part of his personal spiritual quest. When my father develops an opinion on something, it’s because he’s spent long hours debating the thing with his intelligent, intellectually stimulated and very sharp mind; so, even though he loves long discussions on controversial positions, it’s easier to relocate the Grand Canyon than getting him to change his mind. Read more

Dear America

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Photo by Autumn Leaf

Dear America,

We are well into spring, and Los Angeles once again has us gasping at the beautiful, painfully purple surprise of May’s unexpected streets lined with blooming Jacaranda trees. And, now that I’ve had some time to stretch into the season, I’d like to suggest that we mimic spring while we can, with the following tips:

Let’s imitate the peeper frogs that head to newly created pools to breed, catch bugs and avoid predators. It’s easy! All we need to do is make love; work to silence the buzzing voices that clamor for prolonged conflict; and avoid predator politicians who lie their way to war. Read more