Moving Through Water and Time

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—For Melissa, an emotional winter gives way to the surprise of new growth—

If one pays the closest attention it is possible to see the turns of the seasons in particular the arrival of Spring. Here in Northern New Mexico the seasons are showy, dramatic and distinct rituals accompany them.

I’ve been here for the last two and a half months having arrived early in February to be with my father during his time in a rehabilitation hospital as efforts were made to get him back on his feet after a particularly “killer” series of chemotherapy treatments. I’ve seen him released from the rehab hospital only to be admitted to another hospital a couple of weeks later and to hear the Doctor say “he is dying.” I’ve participated in the first meeting with the hospice doctor. I was present to hear the doctor say, “It’s true I am a hospice doctor, but I also have hospice graduates and I think its possible that a year from now you will be one of my graduates.” With this possibility held out to us we all, the whole family, became singularly focused on my father’s weight gain and his tours up and down the hall with his walker. We have gone from the place where my father’s friends came ostensibly to say goodbye, to the pleasant surprise of ongoing visits. Read more

Spring Musings

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Photo by Cathy R. Fischer

Photo by Cathy R. Fischer

Back by popular demand… Spring springs eternal.

The contributors at Fifty is the New were asked to ponder the question, What does Spring mean to you? Find their odes to the season (in 30 words or less), and add your own definition of Spring below:

What does Spring mean to you?

Christie Healey
Spring means the ancient part of my heart will soar again, overjoyed at the end of another winter and exultant at the promise of what is to come.

Prudence Baird
Gone but not forgotten: “Easter” vacation; white gloves in church; church; pastel dresses; rustling petticoats; thin, white bobby socks with lace edges; silly little purses with gold-tone snap closings.

Cathy Fischer
Time to start anew. Raindrops on pavement, flowers in bloom; farmer’s market asparagus; the hibernation of winter clothes; Passover, Easter, and the symbol of rebirth: eggs. Read more

Dear America

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Photo by Autumn Leaf

Dear America,

We are well into spring, and Los Angeles once again has us gasping at the beautiful, painfully purple surprise of May’s unexpected streets lined with blooming Jacaranda trees. And, now that I’ve had some time to stretch into the season, I’d like to suggest that we mimic spring while we can, with the following tips:

Let’s imitate the peeper frogs that head to newly created pools to breed, catch bugs and avoid predators. It’s easy! All we need to do is make love; work to silence the buzzing voices that clamor for prolonged conflict; and avoid predator politicians who lie their way to war. Read more

Fauna v. Flora

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My garden is in bloom and I am planning my annual adventure into growing my own food. Last year I luxuriated in my homegrown tomatoes until I worked out that each bite of plump juicy red flesh had cost about $3.14; I could have bought a pound of locally grown for about $2. The rabbits that have taken up residence under the deck enjoyed most of my other horticultural efforts. They decapitated tulips, bit into squash, trashed ferns after deciding they really didn’t like the taste and gnawed the Hostas down to the flora version of bloody stumps. This year will be different.

Rabbits in your yard are cute. Rabbits in my yard are a national threat and I need to take appropriate action. Read more